Being the Big Sister

For my birthday this year I required two things: a beach and the company of my sisters. Being recently moved to a place that has real winter, the beach part makes absolute sense. However, desiring my sisters’ company came with recognizing the new perspective I had towards them. Maybe because I’ve graduated, moved away and don’t see them every day, but I really have begun to understand just how important they are to me.

I was so excited to fly with them to San Diego, because it was the first time we traveled together just the three of us. Through our weekend of beach bumming, we did as normal sisters do. Bickering equally as much as enjoying each other’s company, it became even more clear to me how unique an experience it is to have siblings, and how valuable those relationships can be.


Being the big sister is one of the best things I get to do in this life. Rachel and Lindsey, these are my favorite reasons why:

1. I’ve known you your entire life.

I eagerly waited for you to come into this world, and I was one of the first to see and get to hold you. I don’t remember my world before you both entered, but I recognize the value you bring to it. From dancing in the sprinklers, driving the Barbie jeep, and “going on a bear hunt” to our (unenthused) neighbors next door… Later on graduating high school, performing on fields, stages and so much more; I got to be there for it all. I’ve had the privilege of watching you from the day you were born, all the while only understanding a fraction of what those memories mean to me today. You two are some of the greatest gifts I have ever received.



2. There is no one on this planet I will fight to protect more.

I cannot even begin to describe how important it is to me that you are always safe and well. It is instinct for me to guard you from any harm, heartbreak, sickness or anything else that may come your way. I want your worlds to be secure and your hearts full, no matter how far I may be away. I hope that every attempt you make is met with success, and every person you come in contact with has only the purest intentions. You are both on my mind constantly. There are not many things that get me more worked up than when you are met with difficulty. I will never stop trying to make your life painless, and give the best advice I can muster. It may be incessant at times, but it’s one of the best ways I can love you.



3. I get to be your cheerleader.

Every single big moment in your life. I will always (do everything in my power) to be there. Nothing makes me happier than celebrating your achievements, especially because I’ve gotten to witness the journey it was to get there. Seeing you grow and develop into the fantastic women you are, I am so excited for what lies on the journey ahead for both of you.

Nothing also fulfills me more than getting to support you in heartbreak. I promise I will always be there for you in those moments, and be a shoulder to lean on in any time of need. I want to always be a constant in your life, and a back bone that you can always rely on when taking any leap of faith your heart leads you toward.



4. We’re cheetahs, amigas, friends for life. (The Cheetah Girls)

There is no one in this world that I will be more different than and similar to at the same time. We come from the same place, and yet have developed into three completely different individuals. There is no better foundation for friendship (in my life). As we grow older, I hope we grow closer and closer, cherishing the role we get to play in each other’s lives. You will both stand next to me at my wedding, and that’s pretty much the only part of that day I have set in stone. I know the impact you have on my life will never falter, and that there will never be another person that I can have the same bond with. You are my forever friends.

And never forget, you’re my cheetah sisters. 😉



5. We get to carry on the love that we were so purposefully raised by.

It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how lucky we are to have been raised together with such love. Getting to carry that on will be one of the best challenges we face. There will never be a deficit for our ability to care and cherish each other. As our family grows, I can’t wait to be a part of your husband’s and children’s lives, showing them the same love that we have so generously been given. I’m thrilled for the opportunity we have to give the world back to our parents, who sacrificed and continuously give so much to us. We have such great honor in taking on this continuation of love, which will bless those who follow.



Dear sisters, thank you for your honesty and passion. You challenge me, support and love me in ways that no one else can, and I’m grateful that I get to do the same for you. You have made being the big sister the biggest blessing, and there won’t be a day in your life I won’t love you. I always have and will be your number one supporter, friend and anything else you need. Love you, mean it.



There will never be too many beach trips or too much of you two in my life. Family is good, siblings are great, but nothing beats being a Mitchell sister. 😉


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9 thoughts on “Being the Big Sister

  1. You made me cry,Miss AllOver the Place!! It is a beautiful Tribute to Lindsey and Rachel! Also to your terrific,,wonderful parents!!
    Aunt Dot


      1. Where are you? It is mid-afternoon there and mid-morning herein San Marcos.,TX! Where ever I am sure you will have great adventures!
        Love you.😁💝🌻🌻🌻


    1. I’m crying! What a beautiful love letter to your sisters! You are such an excellent writer, my darling! I treasure every word deep in my heart and love you always and forever!


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