Easy Breezy Summer Stylin’ | OOTD


Hello loves – I’m super excited to be sharing my first OOTD post! People often ask how I put outfits together, especially when I live out of a suitcase the majority of the time. I wanted to share in particular this style, because its pieces come from places all over! I definitely think of myself as more of a collector than a shopper, in that I enjoy buying items here and there, and usually avoid full blown shopping sprees. I find that when I take the time to buy items one-by-one that my clothes are more unique and hold special meaning. Then when it’s time to put an outfit together, I have a lot more fun with it!

What will remain most consistent through these posts will be the focus I always have on getting a great deal, and not spending unnecessarily. I would much rather spend that extra cash on my next trip or a bottomless brunch! 😉

6b45024c-300b-439f-a5f8-bb3c4162f319Blouse / Jean Shorts / Head Wrap / Sandals

This is an outfit I would wear out and about almost anywhere, weather permitting. It’s perfect for those hot summer days because the flowy top keeps you nice and cool, and the head wrap helps keep hair from clinging to your neck without having to tie it up. It’s simple enough to be hassle-free, but still has a lot of interesting detail for a fun summer look.

The top I actually found at a Primark in Frankfurt, which is basically another retail store comparative to H&M or Forever 21. While they haven’t made their way to the U.S. just yet, this style absolutely has. I’m obsessed with the off-the-shoulder look, because it looks flattering on most body types and adds a hint of sensuality. I also like the gold buttons, because most of my jewelry is gold (including my Aggie ring), so that accent was especially appealing to my style. Find tops similar here and here!

I was so excited to find these jean shorts at an Old Navy here in Jersey City. I have always loved their shorts, because they offer 3.5″ AND 5″ inseams. Because I’m so tall, almost everything looks like a booty short on me, so the 5″ inseams gives me the ability to stay in style without looking overly revealing. More great news, they’re now on sale! Get yours here!

The head wrap I have tied in my hair I actually bought at a street vendor in Venice, for only about €3 (about $3.50)! Like I said before, I always try to find interesting pieces, even sometimes in unlikely places. I encourage you to find accessories like this as souvenirs rather than another key chain next time you travel! But if you can’t wait that long, here and here are options I adore.


Necklace / Watch / Bracelet / Sandals

This gold initial necklace has been a statement piece of mine for years, and was actually a gift from my best friend Rachel (check out her beauty and fashion blog All Things Blush!). We got them on Etsy for each other as gifts, and with each of our different styles have both continued to wear it often. It’s also great to layer with multiple necklaces. Customize your own here!

I was super thrilled when I found this watch at a Fossil in Houston a few years ago. I don’t know how well you can tell by the photos, but it has unique detailing on the face, with dozens of rhinestones glimmering on the inside. That, along with the thin band were what I found most appealing. I also am a huge fan of Fossil watches because they are fantastic quality compared to brands like Michael Kors, without near the cost. Although this particular style isn’t around anymore, check out other ones I found here and here!

Next, this elephant bracelet is one of my favorites. I found it at a Forever 21 in The Grove, which is a famous shopping mall in Los Angeles. Funny enough, I actually only bought it to validate my parking, but it’s become one of my most worn jewelry pieces! Forever 21 is pretty quick to change out the items they have in stock so this specific bracelet isn’t around, but here and here are some fun jewelry pieces with a similar aesthetic!

A few weeks ago I found these sandals at my Target in Jersey, and I’ve already probably worn them more in that short time than shoes I’ve had for years! I get annoyed sometimes having to buckle on sandals, so this slip on style is ideal for those days I’m running out the door. Their design compliments most casual summer looks, and I can’t get over how comfortable they are! These are a must for the summer, get your own pair here!


My style is full of unique details but overall simplicity, so that I can move throughout the day without complicated pieces getting in my way. Altogether this outfit works to give me a soft laid back look, and I can take on anything summer throws my way!



I had fun putting this outfit together for you guys, please let me know if you would like to see more OOTD posts, along with other fashion tips and hacks! xoxo


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4 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Summer Stylin’ | OOTD

  1. Very nice and intresting fashion commentary !! Too bad the clothes at Not. Quite my style.But,the watch is calling to me.😍!


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