Drowning in a Dream | Poem

Gaze out and wonder
Seeing in pairs
Hands intertwined
Not watchful of stares

Lips meet, lids close
Hearts blend to one
The world takes a breath
And the moment is done

Exhale as they leave
Eyes follow along
Doubt whispers gently
That something is wrong

With the music you like
Or the words that you say
Why can’t a heart
Yearn for me in that way?

The shadows grow long
You stay just to wait
Doubt sparks the thought
That it may be too late

For what you’ve been craving
To come and belong
As a part of your story
Like the words in a song

Waiting and searching
Learning to cope
Convinced there’s a reason
You’ve still got a hope

You’ve loved and you’ve lost
But still win all the same
For feeling so deeply
You’re never to blame

Time to get going
Tow heart on your sleeve
Eyes flutter now knowing
I’ll be first to leave

I’m living in color
Paving world there to see
But what if I want
Someone’s dream to be me? x

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