Flight Attendant Diaries: Get Like Me

Welcome to the second of the series Flight Attendant Diaries, in which I share what it takes to become a Flight Attendant. Although there are differences in the interview process for each airline, I’m here to break down the basics and help you move forward confidently!

Good Timing

Staking grounds into a new career is all about timing. With this job’s competitive nature however, it becomes absolutely imperative. When I went to apply for airlines, some weren’t even accepting applications. According to TIME, the acceptance rate for Delta Flight Attendants was a staggering 1.4%, after receiving 22,000 applications for 300 positions (“Delta Airlines Receives“, 2012). That makes it 4 times harder to become a Flight Attendant than get accepted to Harvard! I don’t share that to discourage, but to encourage you to not hesitate when those slots become available!

Unrelenting Professionalism

More than most, this job is black and white in terms of appearance expectations. In my most professional attire with a button-down blouse, pin skirt and blazer, I still received criticism for the skirt’s length. While I absolutely took the comment as constructive, I realized I hadn’t even thought about how important my attire was. If you think about it, Flight Attendants are constantly on display, and often times the most memorable part of the flight. So press those pants and pin that hair back, the more polished the better!

Calm Confidence

This is probably what I spend the most time telling people to focus on. You can have all the experience in the world, but if your interviewer doesn’t want to work with you, there’s a slim chance of getting hired. I felt like I was part of a directed conversation rather than a job interview. They were looking to understand how I would be on my own, which is often the case since Flight Attendants rarely interact with their superiors. Because of this, it’s a more valuable to remain confident rather than list your qualifications. If you believe you’ll be excellent as a Flight Attendant, you’re that much closer to actually becoming one.

Customer Service

This may seem like a given, but it is the heart of what recruiters are seeking. If you’re considering becoming a Flight Attendant, then OF COURSE you want to travel and see the world. There’s no need to emphasize your desire for travel benefits. The airline is looking for individuals who will benefit passengers’ experience, not their own. Before going in, think about the benefits of the actual job itself, like connecting with people all over the world and experiencing new cultures. It’s best to focus on the career and what you have to offer the position.

What it Actually Takes

In the simplest of terms, you need to be 21 years old (for most airlines), have a high school diploma/GED equivalent, and be legal to work in the country you are applying. Additionally, you should have a squeaky clean record that permits you to enter any country. As mentioned in “Flight Attendant Diaries: Top 10 Questions Answered“, any misdemeanor in United States counts as a felony in Canada. So keep that record clean folks!

Though some of this advice may seem generic, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable it is to use these in practice. No matter how qualified you are, there will be plenty others right there with you in the interview. It is your job to rise above and be the candidate they can’t live without. You can be one of the few chosen, and enter into a career that will change your life forever. Best of luck to you in the endeavor!

Have any more questions about a Flight Attendant’s world? Stay tuned for monthly posts, and keep up with Miss All Over the Place here!

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