Athleisure Wear for Fall | OOTD

If you’re anything like me, mastering athleisure wear is a MUST for all times of the year. On those days that I’m running errands or on the go, I have to always make sure I look presentable while remaining comfortable in what I’m wearing!

Beanie | Parka | Tank | Bralette | Jeans | Shoes



This look is my take on that casual comfort. I love it because it has unique pieces that stand out from the other hoodies and yoga pants. The beanie is probably my favorite of all, a find from Altar’d State in Austin, TX a few years ago. I wear it all the time to cover up messy hair, and it’s super warm! Get one like it here! P.S. I secretly think it makes me look like Bernard the Elf from The Santa Clause

david-in-the-santa-clause-david-krumholtz-17534416-900-506The Santa Clause
Photo: Fanpop

I was super excited the other day when I ran into this chambray parka at an Urban Outfitters in Manhattan. I feel that it really adds a distinctive feature to the outfit. It’s definitely going to be a statement piece for me this fall, and you can get one too for sale here!


Layering with a simple tank and bralette, I couldn’t help but tie the top up on one side. This is such an easy way to switch up the flow of a simple outfit and allow it to hug in all the right places! This specific tank top is from a boutique in California called Bobbi Rocco, but you can find one just like it here! The bralette is from Victoria’s Secret, so it’s got great quality and support. Get your own in a variety of colors here!

It was love at first site with these jeans I found on a layover in Germany. They’re from PRIMARK, which is generally your equivalent of a Forever 21 or H&M in the States. The best part about these jeans is that they stretch! I’ll never betray classic yoga pant days, but this definitely classes up the look! Unfortunately this exact pair isn’t available online, but here is a pair exactly like them from Express!


Although it’s becoming a basic fact of life at this point, the Adidas Superstars are everything you could want in a sneaker. I can honestly say I’ve never worn a shoe that was this comfortable! I love the look, and the fact that my roommate keeps letting me steal them out of her closet! This style is in for the long haul, get your own pair here!

Last but certainly not least is my favorite Kate Spade purse! On top of sharing my name, I’m obsessed with the brand for it’s crisp and fun aesthetic. I’ve always fed my addiction at the Houston Outlet, where I always find their cutest items as cheap as 75% off! This particular purse is perfect because it appears small but is mighty in terms of space inside! Find one like it here!

Being comfortable and casual doesn’t have to come at the cost of your style. I could sleep in this outfit, just as much as run around the city! Hope you’ve enjoyed this OOTD, please share with me other looks you’re interested in seeing! Have a happy weekend! xo

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