Mad Men’s Betty Draper | Halloween OOTD

Dress | Gloves | Heels


If you bring up the show Mad Men around me, you’re in for a whirlwind. I stand behind that show with the upmost respect. Acting, plot and attention to detail work so seamlessly together throughout its seasons. It’s truly a work of art.

bettykitchen.jpgPhoto: Run of Play

Betty Draper specifically was a character I was always drawn to. Stoic and seemingly perfect, this woman wasn’t just your average 1960’s housewife. There was much more to her than met the eye, but she never fought to be understood.


Although she always appeared to be the perfect cookie-cutter housewife, there lived an underlying complacency behind Don’s coming and going. You could never tell what she was thinking, or how close to jumping off the edge she was. She lived as a mystery, and only let us in one bittersweet morsel at a time.


Most of the time it seemed that she withheld her emotions, but as time went on, her blunt and honest views on life emerged. Through the children, cheating, hardships and more, she never lost that sense of appeal. She only got harder, stronger and a bit more honest each day.


“Only boring people are bored” -Betty Draper


“You’re painting a masterpiece. Be sure to hide the brushstrokes.” -Betty Draper


Betty Draper’s character was incredibly powerful in its portrayal, and I have loved getting to embody someone so heartbreakingly impenetrable on my favorite holiday of the year.

A huge thanks to my roommate Taylor for snapping photos, and this adorable kitty for making my day! Happy Halloween to you and yours! xo


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