Your Flight Attendant’s #1 Secret

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Hey world of travelers and wanderers alike, I’ve got great news!


Your flight attendant is on your team.

Wait, really?


Okay maybe this isn’t a huge secret to you… But things as simple as following policy or lacking adequate resources can turn me into a passenger’s worst enemy. Contrary to popular belief however, your flight attendant is always on your side! Here’s some examples:

Bathroom Access

Reality: When nature calls, one must answer. However, when there is risk for you and your fellow passengers, other factors come into play. Critical phases of flight (taxi, take off, landing) and turbulence will always take precedence over your bathroom dance.

Hacks: Your best bet is always to plan ahead. Go before you board, when the seatbelt sign is off, and right before final descent (your pilot will cue you for that one). Although I am a big proprietor for hydration, I would recommend you drink that big bottle of water after you reach the ground. Note also that during turbulence, your flight attendant must tell you the seatbelt sign is on. They will not tackle you to the ground if you still use the lavatory. We’re informers, not enforcers (and unfortunately always having to consider liability).


Multiple Drink Refills

Reality: By all means, if we’ve got it onboard, you are welcome to it. However, situational awareness is always important. If you order a glass of water, don’t chug it just to ask for another right away. There are hundreds of passengers onboard, and they have a right to their beverage just as much as you!

Hacks: Ask for two cups of water. It’s that simple. Sometimes, you can even purchase a water bottle on the flight as well! I will always welcome multiple drink orders at once over returning to the same passenger in a service. It can also be beneficial to ask how many beverage services there will be, that way you can anticipate how to order.


Working Wifi

Reality: For starters, nothing can better explain my feelings toward airplane wifi than this video here. As Louis C.K. so eloquently states, “you’re sitting in a chair in the sky!” The truth is, access to the Internet is an incredible addition to modern flying. Like anything technical, it has it’s difficulties. There’s no need to tear apart your flight crew over it, they have plenty of other priorities in ensuring your comfort and safety.

Hacks: Make sure that you understand specifically how to access the wifi connection on your flight before taking off. If you start to experience issues, ask around to your neighbors first to see if they are having the same problem. Next, be courteous in asking your flight attendant to check on it and reset if necessary. If connection continues to be a problem, I recommend you contact the airline, so they are informed to make improvements for next time!


Tight Connections

Reality: They suck. Nothing is more stressful than the mad dash to your next gate. No, I can’t call the ground and have them hold your flight. No, I can’t promise that the Red Sea will part with passengers allowing you to get off first. I can give you gate information, status of the flight and my best wishes, but that is the end of my power.

Hacks: Take advantage of the airline’s app! Usually you can access information about flights for free, so check out your arrival gate and connecting flight’s departure gate. It goes without saying, but it’s also helpful to book connections with allocation for unexpected delays in mind. Additionally, you can ask your flight attendant if they would be willing to make an announcement for connecting passengers to deplane first. From there, keep those spirits high and running shoes ready!



It may be a little sappy, but I like to think of passengers as my children. Although I can’t give them everything they want, I always have their best interest at heart. No, I can’t speak for all flight attendants in saying that, but overall I like to think we do our best.

I hope this perspective is helpful, and the hacks will help you travel with fewer speed bumps in the future! Traveling will always have it’s frustrations, so you have everything to gain by realzing you and your flight crew are on the same team. Wander on! xo


What other situations have you run into with flight attendants? Allow me to clear the confusion (or at least sympathize)!



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