Happy Birthday MAOTP!

resizeScott Griffin

You guys I can’t believe it! Miss All Over the Place is a year old!

I’m so grateful that this journey has already taken me further than I imagined. It has become my biggest motivator to becoming the best adventurer and version of myself I can be.

What a lot of people don’t know is where the idea for this blog bloomed. For years blogging had been a glimmer in my eye, but I didn’t have its concept entirely formed. Back in 2013, I scribbled the words below in the back of a small notebook. It’s the perfect representation of my heart behind Miss All Over the Place, and I am so excited to share it with you on the blog’s birthday!

So here goes nothing! You know how people are constantly talking about the big things that they want to do and accomplish, but half the time never pursue them? Well, I don’t like being that person.

Often times I find myself being so much of a person that I can’t NOT do everything to accomplish what I want. I go back and forth on this being a strength or weakness, but can it be considered a bit of both?

Okay I’m starting all of this off with a tangent. That’s cool.

Years ago I came up with the idea to start a blog (so apparently I was thinking about this before 2013!?). My reasons were simple. I wanted to express myself, put thoughts out there, and be listened to. The motivation was there, but I also thought that my silly life could be of no interest. I sought attention, and furthermore, praise. That wasn’t okay, so I kept on with my life and put the blog idea on the back burner.

I was hurting to be understood… and if I’m honest, I still am. I just can’t shake the idea that if I work hard enough, everyone will like (or at least respect) me. How silly, right? That motivation can only take me further away from myself.

Instead of seeking satisfaction on the outside, I decided to turn within. Explaining my ever-evolving thoughts is how I find my center. Writing helps me find who I am (even though many parts are still under construction). The entire process for me is exciting and makes me feel alive. I feel it gives my soul a direction to tread, and garners my train of thought.

I spend most of the time second guessing, so deciding on creating a blog feels really good. I know now that I want to create a space first and foremost for my freedom. I may become a new person 3 times this week, but logging my crazy helps me feel like I have a grasp on it all. Even if I don’t, writing seems like the best way to take it on.

[Miss All Over the Place] is a chance for liberation. It’s a safe place to express and feel all those weird things that keep you up at night. It’s the space between what is known and what is being discovered. It can be whatever you want. Most sincerely I hope that my readers feel encouraged, valued and never alone.

I honestly (still) don’t know what this blog will become… and that’s okay, because it’s not really about the blog. A blog is a thing. We however are living breathing souls that connect and give this life purpose. This is a space for you just as much as me. Thank you for joining me on this journey, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Through the huge transition of this past year [check it out at What a Year Will Do to You], having this blog has been life changing. A huge thanks to those who have believed in this vision, and given me the opportunity to be Miss All Over the Place. I’m a year in (still can’t believe it) and far from finished!


What dreams have you been conjuring? Strike up a conversation and let me join you on your journey! Find contact/sponsorship information here!

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