The Perks of Having a Long-Term Best Friend

DSC_0009.jpgKate (Miss All Over the Place) + Rachel (All Things Blush)

You’ve grown up and made it through every awkward phase, congratulations! Going through all that together (and knowing how much black mail they’ve got) has made you friends for life. Here are the perks of having a best friend for the long-haul:

1. You always have an honest opinion.

If there’s someone who isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on their mind, it’s your best friend. Because you’ve known each other so long, both of you feel comfortable in telling it like it is. You know their opinion always comes from a place of love, and never judgment. We all need a little honesty from time to time, and our besties can give us just that.

2. Longevity is intentional.

No relationship can last long-term without intention. Keeping up with each other takes work and effort from both sides. It may have been easy at first going to school or working together, but seasons change. As your life evolves so should the nature of your friendship. Planning trips, lunches and late night chats become necessary to remain a part of each other’s lives.

3. They challenge you.

This person knows everything about where you came from and where you want to go. Their support is what presses you forward to achieving the goals you’ve always had. It is so valuable to have somebody recognize your potential and encourage your towards it. None of us can do it alone, and your best friend is always there to push you in the right direction.

4. You’ve got the best shopping companion.

We all know how distracting things can get when shopping. My best friend is the first to take the hanger out of my hand and say “don’t you already have something like this?” Sometimes they know your closet better than you do! They’re also the best at giving advice on what to buy, because they understand your style and don’t attach their own to it.

5. The best boy advice you can get.

Who can give you better advice than the girl who’s been there through it all? I have been in and out of all sorts of relationships, and my best friend is always the first one I call. She is great about giving objective opinions, while still supporting my heart in what it wants. I also never have to worry about getting the “I told you so” card from her.

6. Distance plays no factor.

It doesn’t matter if you change schools or states, you bestie will always be by your side. Sure there will be changes, but the only thing that won’t is your relationship. The greatest friendships are the kind that can pick up where they left off and still feel the same. Distance makes no difference here!

7. They remind you who you are when you forget.

As we search for our place in this life, we know we’ve always got each other to fall back on. I have faced my fair share of doubt, but my friends are always there to remind me of who I am. The best part of friendship is getting to be each other’s strength in weakness, and overcoming whatever hardship comes our way.

8. You grow and change together.

Like in all relationships, the two involved grow together and independently. It has been so rewarding to watch my friends grow into realizing and achieving their dreams, all the while staying as close as ever. You understand where each other comes from, and get to experience the path they find.

9. You become each other’s biggest cheerleader.

One of my favorite things about friendship is getting to be there for the big moments. Whether it’s a performance, graduation, wedding, you name it- I’m there! It’s absolute priority to celebrate each other’s achievements. In every season or situation life presents, you always know your best friend is rooting for you.

10. They’re your chosen family.

Family, chosen or not, is everything. You and your best friend are a big part in each other’s story, and you wouldn’t change a thing. They are an integral piece of your life’s tapestry, and will only continue to color your life with love and support. Every day you are lucky to call them your own, and know that nothing will change the special friendship you have.

DSC_0014.JPGKate (Miss All Over the Place) + Rachel (All Things Blush)

I don’t remember what it was like not having Rachel in my life! She coined the phrase “long-term best friend” a few years ago, and we’ve referred to each other as such ever since!

I am so grateful for her and the important role she plays in my life. What does your long-term bestie mean to you? Share in the comments below! xo


Make sure to check out Rachel’s fashion and beauty blog All Things Blush, and keep up with Miss All Over the Place here!

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