Santiago, Chile | Get Chile With it Vlog

What happens when two gal run away to Chile with absolutely ZERO knowledge or any plans!? Come along and see 😉

More details about locations and events can be found on Travel Update here!

This trip was one for the books, and I couldn’t have had anyone better to share it with. Carly wanted to contribute by writing about traveling with me! See below for the (way too nice) things she had to say-

Going All Over the Place With Miss All Over the Place

Here is a list of things you need to know about MAOTP:
She Really Does Wake up Like That
This one was hard for me to wrap my head around. There have only been a select few times that she hasn’t been photo ready. She doesn’t need make-up, a hair style or an outfit to make her the cutest blogger you have ever seen. It blows my mind.
The Air Around Her is Hotter
Although yes, she looks great in pictures, being photogenic is not her hottest feature. Kate’s presence is so versatile, and it’s perfect for what she does for a living. She conforms to any situation and rocks it no matter what. Her confidence and vibrancy when she walks into a room make her stand out (more than her height does already).
It Takes Only Two Seconds for Her to Take a Picture
Seeing all of Kate’s photos, I would have thought that it took her forever to get the right picture. I quickly learned that every picture of her is great, and that she clicks and goes when capturing her surroundings. Actually, a lot of her pictures are from videos so that she really doesn’t have to stop moving. (I pull photos from my GoPro videos- one of my favorite features!)
Despite Her Glamourous Looking Lifestyle, She Doesn’t Spend a Lot of Money
Kate works hard. She rarely ever has time off. If she isn’t flying, she is catering a music festival, blogging, and maybe even planning a wedding. When she travels, she always finds fun and cheap things to do. She also finds the cutest outfits on sale all the time too!
She Will Literally Fly to the Ends of the Earth for Her Friends
Being in a long distance best friendship is difficult with anyone, but Kate makes it feel like she’s always here. She literally flew in to be at my 21st birthday and then had to fly back the next morning, but deprived herself of sleep to see me. She even flew to LA for 6 hours one time when I was visiting and wanted to see her. So even though time with her is far and few between, it’s always worth it, and it’s never hard to pick up where we left off.
She isn’t Flawless and it’s the Best Part About Her
Kate is super self-aware. She understands that she isn’t perfect, and uses her imperfections to her advantage (idk how, but it happens). Every imperfect thing about Kate makes people love her more. She isn’t shy about who she is and will break out in show tunes on the streets of Chile just because she can.
She is Super Spontaneous
Kate graduated college and left for flight attendant training literally two days later and never looked back. Packing for this trip was confusing because she wasn’t 100% on where we were going. When we got to Chile we didn’t even know what time zone we were in or where we wanted to go… We literally had no plans or expectations and ended up having some of the best experiences of my life.
She Blogs to Help Others
This one might be the most important. Kate does not blog for any fame, or to brag. She blogs to inspire and educate others. When people reach out to her it means a lot and she always takes it really seriously. We were researching things in Chile for people that Kate had never even met, but they contacted her with questions and she wanted to help. She genuinely cares about her blog, archiving her memories and making an impact in anyway she can.

I could go on about things you might not know, or how fun it is to travel all over the place with Kate, but I’ll spare you the mushy details. All I have to say is grab your best friend and go on a trip, documenting your memories as you go along. You only have one life, the world is a big place and you deserve it. Let Miss All Over the Place encourage you to do something spontaneous, because it was the best decision I ever made.

-Carly May

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