Things that ACTUALLY Matter in Your Mid-Twenties

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Well team, I’ve officially made 26 laps around the sun! This time of year always catches me in the feels, because it gets me thinking about where I was last year and the years before… I’m always stunned at where I’ve come.

In lieu of birthday celebrations, I wanted to share with you the things that have been on my heart this past year. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle (myself guiltiest of all), and sometimes I lose sight of the big picture. Here’s my stake in reclaiming what ACTUALLY matters-

Give the people in your life the love they deserve.

I’ll say it, WE HAVE GOT TO STOP SUCKING AT LOVING EACH OTHER. Time and time again I’m ditched (and ditch) and blown off (and blow off) the people in my life with some half-hearted excuse… The truth? I’m too lazy to get up and brush my hair.

Just because the people in your life will always be there for you, doesn’t mean you no longer have to put in work. I’ve found that having intention with the people I love is nuturing to us as individuals as much as friends. That doesn’t mean I’ll never cancel a plan, but it DOES mean that I’ll be open and honest in communicating the change as soon as possible. Give your people transparency and don’t be a flake. It’s lame.

It’s okay to be selfish.

That being said, you shouldn’t always put other people’s needs before your own! At this stage of life we’ve done quite a bit, but we’re no where near done. The vast majority of your days should be filled with things that serve YOU and bring YOU purpose (even if that’s just catching up on sleep). Don’t get caught up in working to achieve someone else’s dream. You’re better than that.

I struggle with this one particularly living far from family and so many others I love. It’s hard for me to be away for the good times, but especially the bad. Recently my sister comforted my fear in missing out on so much of their lives by simply stating, “there’s nothing for you here (my hometown), and you know that. Just make the distance worth it.”

You don’t get to be comfortable.

Sorry, we’re not there yet. If you’re like me and have dreams for miles, you’ve still got quite a ways to go.  Your twenties are the years you first to navigate the world on your own, and that shouldn’t be easy.

I’ve noticed lately people also having issues with not getting instant gratification. Well I hate to break it to ya, but most things worth having don’t come packaged pretty. Sometimes it takes everything you’ve got just to take just ONE step forward… So it’s not your job to be satisfied. It’s your job to find pockets of happiness in each day, and stop whining when things get uncomfortable. Just take it as a friendly reminder that you aren’t finished yet!

If I sound harsh, it’s because my inner dialogue serves tough love. But that’s how I hear it best to avoid bad habits and behavior. All in all, I’m just as compassionate as the next twenty something… But when it comes to being our best selves, we’ve got no time to waste at any age. Take it as it comes, but meet it where YOU stand.

Thanks for stopping by to hear my words, I am so grateful to exist with you! Talk soon.x

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