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Hey y’all- it’s your friendly neighborhood flight attendant again! Right now I’m coasting back to Texas after already working New York to Chicago and back this morning… It’s not even noon and I’ve traveled almost 3,000 miles!

Now that I’ve finally gotten a chance to sit down, I wanted to share some insider hacks with you all! This touch and go lifestyle is something I’m really settling into, so naturally I’ve found preferred methods. Hope you enjoy! (Oh, and click the links throughout to see the exact items I use!)


It’s annoying my favorite hobby (traveling) starts from such a boring place. I LOATHE packing. Always have, always will. Over years of jet setting though, I’ve found that prioritizing the process really pays off. There’s nothing more aggravating than forgetting something, or having to buy on the go when I’d rather be spending that money on new experiences (but mostly food if I’m being real).

I’ll be putting together a detailed guide of my packing process soon, but what’s most important to remember here is to take your time! As easy as procrastinating can be, the pay off for thinking through what you’ll need is way more worth it than throwing everything in your suitcase last minute.

Another big thing that helps is to minimize what I have to keep track of. So instead of packing a bunch of separate bags, see what you can do to combine them! For instance, I always try to travel with only two items. One roller board for everything nonessential before I get off the flight, and a backpack to carry valuables/things I might need while traveling. The longer the trip, the bigger the roller board! Also, any purses I’ll need go in there too, and my backpack becomes the only thing I fuss with for the day.


Here’s the part where I start obsessing over hydration again. Dry skin and lips are some of my biggest pet peeves, and logging hours in a pressurized cabin sure doesn’t help. To combat- I keep lip balm, body lotion and face spray on me at all times. I would also recommend bringing along an empty water bottle to get through security, so that you can have plenty of water for the flight (and avoid paying righteously for one in the airport)!

A huge part of traveling successfully is staying comfortable. It’s not always easy, especially when you’re stuck between a chatty woman knitting on your right and an open mouth snorer on the left… We shouldn’t have to deal with chafing too. So be smart with what you choose to wear! Make sure it fits well and doesn’t demand constant adjustment. I personally always stick to my favorite pair of jeans, a loose fitting tank, and some sort of cardigan that can double as a blanket or pillow. Bada bing, bada boom.


It’s important to me that I always pack things I can use to hit the refresh button when I arrive. For me, these items vary but always include setting powder, mascara and some kind of hairbrush or hair elastic (for the days I’ve straight given up on resurrecting the weave). Stuff these things in a small bag to take with you on that last lavatory trip, and come out looking good as new!

I don’t care how much you fly, it always takes the life out of you. Though I’m still hunting for a permanent solution to fatigue, right now I take matters into my own hands. Recently I actually gave up coffee (I KNOW, I’m not ready to talk about it), so I’ve been using tea and matcha to give me natural boosts of energy. But be advised, don’t partake in caffeine based on how you feel more than the timing you need to be energized. Most flights I only drink water and allow myself to rest (watch a movie, close my eyes, etc.) until it’s time to kickstart the momentum again. About an hour before landing is the perfect time to start sipping that coffee and preparing for what’s next.

That being said, I’m a little over an hour away from Houston as we speak- so I’mma get my caffeine game started. I hope these tips were helpful, thanks for coming along! Please let me know what your favorite travel hacks are too, because there’s always room for improvement!

Talk soon.x

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