Kate Lately | June’18


Hello Everyone!

It’s been a sec. I wish I had an easy excuse for the absence, but it’s really been a result of many factors… and although my time has been anything but endless, the craving to fit Miss All Over the Place into the picture has never gone away.

I’d like to take advantage of this (4 hours of airport standby) opportunity to give you the first of my monthly updates! With a need for structure, I figure this is the best way to bring everyone up to speed. Expect these each month from here on out, with everything from what I’ve been doing to things I’m currently obsessing over!-



I feel like I quietly shared this big life update in September, but I still get questions about it all the time! YES, I finally took the plunge and made the move to New York. Now I reside in an 100 year-old brownstone in South Bronx with the most wonderful roommates. Moving away from my hub airport and other flight attendants was an important step in making the east coast home, as well as starting toward goals I have outside of work. I now have no dishwasher, washer/dryer or central air… and I couldn’t be happier.

Living in New York is the dream I never knew I had, and it’s brought me so much fulfillment. The community of people that I’m building here are some of the most diverse, hard working and inspiring people I’ve ever met. There’s no better motivation!



For those that don’t know, I used to be a full time event producer. I then became a flight attendant not to leave that world behind, but to gain access to a multi-faceted life. Working freelance has been so rewarding, leading me to the large scale events and music festivals I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

At the beginning of this month I was able to join the catering team for my second Governor’s Ball Music Festival. Not only is the line up always awesome, but site is only 2 miles from my house! Festivals are the most exhausting time, but I wouldn’t trade those aching limbs for anything.

Some highlights include seeing Khalid and Halsey, as well as fulfilling a teenage dream to see Eminem (and surprise guest 50 Cent!). Casey Neistat (one of my favorite YouTubers) sat across from me at lunch one day, and I uncharacteristically fan girled- oops. As always, I reconnected with friends from festival world and got to make some new ones. It was a great fest!



Summer flying is upon us (if you’ve got it in you insert dramatic music here). Because monthly schedules are based off seniority and I’m only a few years in, I’ve gone back on call (or reserve) this Summer. That means that instead of knowing my trips ahead of time, I’m given a series of days on and off each month. My life is up in the air, literally.

It’s hard to complain though, because a part of me digs the spontaneity, and I’ve gotten really amazing trips off of reserve in the past (one time I went to Japan!). That being said, it’s been a pretty boring time thus far. I’m getting called almost every day, but I either end up on standby (like today), or with a less-than-exciting trip. I’m holding out hope though- there’s still plenty of time for things to turn around!



Really quickly I have to brag on my little sisters for a minute. In the past months, Rachel has graduated from Texas A&M (whoop!), relocated to Alabama and started a job at Walmart as an engineer! She even found time in there to rent a house, get cast in a musical and rescue a pup!

My baby sister Lindsey also got her Aggie ring (equally enthusiastic whoop, but when did I get so old!?) this Spring. Now she’s in Uganda saving the world, beating the odds after a fender bender left her in a neck brace a few months ago. Not only did her MRI turn out optimal, but her friends raised the rest of the money she needed to go within 24 hours of the accident. That’s divine intervention if I’ve ever seen it.

This past week we also had our yearly family reunion in Dallas. It’s always around the 4th of July, but this year schedules worked for the end of June. Nevertheless we donned our red, white and blue, carrying on like we always do. A margarita machine, fried catfish, banana pudding and a dip in the pool, THAT’S what family time is made of. I love ’em so much.



(She may have taken a hiatus, but we’re back in full force)

Back on Travel Update
A few years ago I became a contributor to the multi-author travel blog, and am so happy to be back on the grind writing for them again! The platform is great for latest information on all sides of the travel industry. You’ll find more in depth looks at my travels, glimpses of the flight attendant life and reactions to changes in the industry. Coming soon- backpacking Germany with my sister!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.10.57 AM

Now an Amazon Influencer
Whaaaat. Now I can create affiliate links for items I recommend in blog posts! This is HUGE because although not my main purpose, now I can get (a little) compensation for promoting products I love. So if you’re smelling what I’m stepping in, just click the images/links in my posts or visit my storefront! Thanks Amazon!



1. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
As if my obsession with Queer Eye’s Fab 5 couldn’t get any bigger (btw, if you haven’t seen the new season on Netflix, stop reading this and go do that). Groomer Jonathan has the most GORGEOUS podcast in which he answers a different question each episode. Equally informative and entertaining, proving curiosity is key to a better world.


2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray
I may be late out of the gate with this one, but the cucumber one has changed my life. It’s a green goodness spritz that hydrates and replenishes your skin. A game changer for me when I experience inflammation or dryness (especially when flying). And it’s affordable too!

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip
This obsession has been around for a while, but it was reinvigorated this month at my house’s Tony Award watch party. I can never get enough buffalo sauce in general (seriously, ask any of my friends), and this dip is the PERFECT sidekick to any gathering. Recipe I found on Google here!


4. Tumi Leather Calais Backpack
I know I’ve talked about it before, but I can’t get enough of this backpack. I carry this bag with me every day all day, and am able to pack everything I need inside from my 15″ laptop to foldable yoga mat. There’s a sleeve to connect it to your roller board too, so it’s perfect for traveling. I can’t stop obsessing over this bag (I should though because this is getting long), but it’s definitely worth the splurge!

5. My best friend All Things Blush new website launch!
Hairstylist, co-owner of Blush & Glow Co., blogger behind All Things Blush and general boss babe has somehow managed to find time to also revamp her site! With the creative talent of Madi Bickham, ATB has never looked better! I’m so proud of everything she’s doing, make sure to go check it out!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.20.46 AM


PHEW– okay I’m done! In the future these posts will be shorter, but there was a lot of ground to cover in this one! Thanks for joining me!!

For next month’s Lately and future posts, please send any questions or things you want to see my way! This place is just as much yours as mine, and I’m so glad to be back in full force. Now just hold me to it 😉

Talk soon-

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