What I’ve Learned from Being a Hopeless Romantic

Madison Bickham Photography Ugh, I'm already annoyed at the title. But after years of loving and losing, I think it's time for a diagnosis: I'm a hopeless romantic. Admittedly, I've been deep in denial most of my life. I remember once I read this article to a first date about hopeless romantics, specifically Ted Mosby … Continue reading What I’ve Learned from Being a Hopeless Romantic


The Trouble of Saying #MeToo

It's no small thing that our feeds have been clogged with statuses reading #MeToo. Statistics are staggering when we look at the number of men and women who have been sexually harassed. The trending hashtag is finally giving a voice to that injustice. So how come when it's my turn to share, I shy away?   Maybe … Continue reading The Trouble of Saying #MeToo

What It’s Really Like Being Miss All Over the Place

 Berlin, Germany May 27, 2017 When people ask about my life, I often talk about work or my chronic lack of sleep. Endearingly they respond by calling me "Miss All Over the Place," to which I reply, "yea, up here" and point a finger to my head. It's the truth. I've taken on a lifestyle … Continue reading What It’s Really Like Being Miss All Over the Place

To the Colonizer of Dreams

·Dedicated in memory of Randy Wilson· Alan Bryant A few short days ago my home experienced a terrible loss. Working through emotions amidst tragedy, I was brought back to a passage I read in The Return of the King, specifically from the edition's preface. In Peter S. Beagle's description of J.R.R. Tolkien (author of The Lord … Continue reading To the Colonizer of Dreams