The Best Things I Learned in 2016

As we wind down the first month of 2017, I would like to reflect on the good that this past year has brought me. It was so easy toward the end of the year to feel down about things I didn't accomplish, but with the new year in tow, I've learned to appreciate the growth … Continue reading The Best Things I Learned in 2016

The Pet Takes You Home

Today was the first day I was home without you. I arrived from a long day of flying to a house full of family, and spent the evening laughing, playing games and eating everything in sight. The house cleared, and there was a silence I hadn't felt in a very long time. I walked to … Continue reading The Pet Takes You Home

To the Colonizer of Dreams

·Dedicated in memory of Randy Wilson· Alan Bryant A few short days ago my home experienced a terrible loss. Working through emotions amidst tragedy, I was brought back to a passage I read in The Return of the King, specifically from the edition's preface. In Peter S. Beagle's description of J.R.R. Tolkien (author of The Lord … Continue reading To the Colonizer of Dreams

The Perks of Having a Long-Term Best Friend

Kate (Miss All Over the Place) + Rachel (All Things Blush) You've grown up and made it through every awkward phase, congratulations! Going through all that together (and knowing how much black mail they've got) has made you friends for life. Here are the perks of having a best friend for the long-haul: 1. You always have … Continue reading The Perks of Having a Long-Term Best Friend