Why I Put a Hole in my Nose

Zachary Zirlin Photography No, it's not a phase. No, I have not (officially) jumped off the deep end. No, the "city" or "traveling" life has not got the best of me. I just wanted a change. -- Sounds silly right? I mean after this past year's whirlwind becoming a flight attendant, moving away from home and … Continue reading Why I Put a Hole in my Nose

To the Colonizer of Dreams

·Dedicated in memory of Randy Wilson· Alan Bryant A few short days ago my home experienced a terrible loss. Working through emotions amidst tragedy, I was brought back to a passage I read in The Return of the King, specifically from the edition's preface. In Peter S. Beagle's description of J.R.R. Tolkien (author of The Lord … Continue reading To the Colonizer of Dreams

Calypso Collective Giveaway | Feature

Hello everyone- Today I'm super pumped to be sharing my collaboration with Calypso Collective! Be sure to head to my Instagram here to enter the giveaway ending Monday, November 21 at 11:59pm EST! Alexandra Antolino, creator of Calypso Collective, initially reached out to me as a recent college graduate, who has taken her extra time … Continue reading Calypso Collective Giveaway | Feature

The Perks of Having a Long-Term Best Friend

Kate (Miss All Over the Place) + Rachel (All Things Blush) You've grown up and made it through every awkward phase, congratulations! Going through all that together (and knowing how much black mail they've got) has made you friends for life. Here are the perks of having a best friend for the long-haul: 1. You always have … Continue reading The Perks of Having a Long-Term Best Friend

Your Flight Attendant’s #1 Secret

Skitter Photo Hey world of travelers and wanderers alike, I've got great news!   Your flight attendant is on your team. Wait, really?   Okay maybe this isn't a huge secret to you... But things as simple as following policy or lacking adequate resources can turn me into a passenger's worst enemy. Contrary to popular belief however, … Continue reading Your Flight Attendant’s #1 Secret

Mad Men’s Betty Draper | Halloween OOTD

Dress | Gloves | Heels If you bring up the show Mad Men around me, you're in for a whirlwind. I stand behind that show with the upmost respect. Acting, plot and attention to detail work so seamlessly together throughout its seasons. It's truly a work of art. Photo: Run of Play Betty Draper specifically was a … Continue reading Mad Men’s Betty Draper | Halloween OOTD