10 Ways to Kill it at this Whole Adult Thing

As my 24th birthday draws near, I decided to list a compilation of my mind’s inner-workings, trying to describe tangibly the things I believe are most important in life. These thoughts run through my mind daily, and are what I cling to in the midst of a confusing and misguiding world. My short life thus far has been full of blessings, triumph, heartbreak, and failure. Join me as I explore the things that I believe support a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Disclaimer: I certainly in no way, shape, or form have it all figured out. I mean, I can always let you in on the best places to find queso and chips around, but that reigns no significance here.
10. Fall in love with being a work in progress.
Appreciate wholly who you are every step of your journey. Because guess what? You’re never going to stop being in progress! There is always going to be something more to want, and another goal to achieve. At the end of life, we will cherish more the path our lives took than where they led. So take time to appreciate being exactly where you are, because it is full of purpose and intention for a bright future.

9. Everything happens for a reason.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is fundamental to me before believing anything else. There are no coincidences in life, your circumstance always has its rightful place in the bigger picture. No matter how out of whack things may seem, there is opportunity ready to be discovered if you’re willing to look. Don’t focus on the darkness that surrounds you, look ahead for the stars. Let yourself be guided by the hope that life will work itself out, and you will always find the strength to move forward.

8. Money is a tool.
Nothing more, nothing less. Following with the belief in everything happening for a reason, I know that resources are granted to us to serve a purpose. Don’t let an excess or lack there of have any control over the way you feel about your life. Because money, like all things materialistic, has a beginning and end. Use what you are given well, follow your path, and bless others along the way. Place value in things that are priceless, and allow a richness that no money can provide.

7. You are better than no one, and no one is better than you.
This one is actually very dear to me, because this phrase has been spoken to me since I was a little girl. Growing up (like all of us), I faced a world full of contradictions and comparisons. In years where the majority of time is spent in school surrounded by others, young people struggle differently in search for themselves and their place in this world. Within my own growing pains, my mother always said this phrase to me. It was important for her to let me know that I have an unique place in this world, neither exceeded or diminished by others. Her advice has carried me confidently through life, and I am so grateful to know its truth.

6. Be an endless explorer.
We will never know it all, but why not take that as a challenge? The complexity of our world and the people who inhabit it provide every ability for endless exploration. Make a priority out of travel and experiencing new things. Allow yourself to have an open mind to learning and receiving new ideas, because there is always something more to be uncovered. A life full of exploration overflows with truth, compassion, and unique understanding of our world.

5. Love completely.
The human experience is given so much more value because we are able to give and accept love. It is within my deepest convictions that I believe “we rise by lifting others” (Robert Ingersoll). I find it so incredible that we can walk through this life with the people around us. Love is made even more valuable when given with intention, supporting the ones that hold a place in your heart. They then return the favor, and in such a beautiful way, every success or failure you face will be met with the love it takes to celebrate or overcome it.

4. Be grateful.
For me, this mindset takes constant reminding. With how crazy and fast-paced life can be, we often lose site of all that we have. It is within natural inclination to focus on what makes us anxious and where we feel our lives are lacking. What a horrible way to live. Sure, things don’t always go according to plan, but what we already have should take precedence in our heart. Join me in the challenge of remembering how incredible it is to be able to love freely, and live in a time where we can chase any dream our mind can conspire. When you keep your glass half full, you only leave room for it to overflow.

3. When you stop feeling worth it, it’s not worth it anymore.
Today we have so much agency in living the lives we desire. Take advantage of that! If you don’t like your job, relationship, dinner, outfit, etc… Change it! You have every right to accept things that fulfill you, and push away things that don’t. Detox yourself from negative forces and be refreshed, there is so much out there for you!

2. Do what makes you come alive.
Everyone of us has things that bring us to life. For me, this includes traveling, performing, and expressing myself. Doing those things ignites fire in my soul, and pushes me into nirvana levels of happiness. Know what brings you to life, and to then go and do it. Why would you wait? There is never a wrong time to ignite the fire in your soul, “because what the world needs [more than anything] is more people who have come alive” (Howard Thurman).

1. You really can have it all.
It may not look exactly how you want it to, and it won’t be easy. It will actually be really, really hard. But I cling to the belief that the desires placed in our hearts guide us to becoming the people we are meant to be. The things I crave, I will chase after with reckless abandon. Recognizing and placing value in your passions is the first step towards achieving them.

For me, I envision a life where I can travel the world, work doing things that fulfill me, all along with having a family, and surrounding myself with those I love. That vision is molded and recreated every day, shaped by the person I am in progress of becoming.


These are my truths. Killing it at this whole adult thing is not determined by the things you own, wedding bells, number of followers, or any sort of capital. Sure, you may not be exactly where you want to be, but none of us are! How wonderful is the human experience in that we can make it anything we want? Let happiness reign in your heart regardless of circumstance. I’m overwhelmed by the creativity and complexity each of us houses, and grateful that this life is something I get to share with you all.
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