The Art of Doing

SoHo Manhattan, NY Today was leg day. After going home to eat pasta at 10am (because I ran out of eggs/opportunity to create anything resembling breakfast), I showered then headed upstairs to get ready. I noticed halfway up to my room that I was running, a risky choice because A. it's me and B. my … Continue reading The Art of Doing

Kate Lately | August’18

New York, New York Hello again! I'm back with more life updates (due to last month's coming so late... oops!). August came with way more plans than I could chew, and met a few surprises along the way- LOLLAPALOOZA The month started back at one of my favorite music festivals! Joining the WildHare team for … Continue reading Kate Lately | August’18

Pamplona Running of the Bulls, Spain | Stoke Travel Vlog

STOKE TRAVEL brought us along for what became the adventure of a lifetime, soaked in sangria with a family found along the way- MORE ON STOKE TRAVEL For the most adventurous of heart, Stoke provides inclusive camping experiences at major festivals around the world. Let them handle all the details- sit back, relax, and … Continue reading Pamplona Running of the Bulls, Spain | Stoke Travel Vlog

Things that ACTUALLY Matter in Your Mid-Twenties

Madison Bickham Photography Well team, I've officially made 26 laps around the sun! This time of year always catches me in the feels, because it gets me thinking about where I was last year and the years before... I'm always stunned at where I've come. In lieu of birthday celebrations, I wanted to share with … Continue reading Things that ACTUALLY Matter in Your Mid-Twenties