Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara | Review


If you told me I had to give up all but one makeup product, mascara would be my girl. So easily it brightens you face and helps you look more awake on those sluggish (or currently freezing) mornings. I like to have extra bold lashes, so finding just the right one has been tricky.

I gave Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot a try and was widely pleased with the results! But before I get ahead of myself, here are the guidelines I use to determine my opinion on a new mascara:

1. Thick formula without the clump

Like I said, I will fight every morning for bold lashes, and this mascara proved a noble weapon. I love the shape of the brush head, and how the formula so quickly creates the thick lash lines I love. Beware pushing those lashes too far however, eventually the formula will stop building up and only build out. I learned this the hard way because I couldn’t believe it had taken such a short time to get the boldness I love!

2. Long lasting but easy to remove

If you’re like me, you don’t have time during the day for touch ups. I need all my makeup products to last hours on end, but I also don’t want to spend forever cleaning my face at night. Overall the Colossal Big Shot fit the bill, except on some particularly long days when I noticed a few mascara flakes under my eyes. This formula however never smeared and was extremely easy to take off with makeup remover.

3. Good quality without the price tag

There are some things I’m willing to splurge on in the makeup department, but mascara doesn’t have to be one of them with Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot. It probably compares best to Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara, which I love, but is about 3x the cost. I also made sure to write this review several weeks after I started using the mascara to make sure the formula lasted without drying in the tube as well. After daily use it still works like the day I first opened it, so I’m optimistic that this is the real money saver I’ve been waiting for!


Overall I have a great taste in my mouth (no not literally, that would be weird!) for this product. I would score it a strong 8.5/10, and mostly because my standards are incredibly high for my favorite part of my makeup routine. I would recommend trying this mascara to anyone who loves strong and sleek lashes!

P.S. I’m actually only wearing mascara for eye makeup in these photos! With Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot, I’m convinced now that it might be all I need! But what do you think? Have you tried this or other products that meet your high standards? Please share in the comments below!

*This product was received complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions above are my own!


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One thought on “Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara | Review

  1. I use Maybelline’s Great Lash. It comes in the pink and green tube. I love it! I rate my mascara by the brush applicator it comes with, as well as the 3 topics you mentioned.


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