Tall Girls Can Wear Rompers Too | OOTD

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “oh I could never pull that off” or “it doesn’t work well with my body type”… Coming from a tall amazon who naturally makes maxi dresses look tea length, I feel your struggle. However, it has become important to me that I don’t limit my wardrobe because of those individual features.

Finding rompers to fit my long figure has been an uphill battle, but one I can say I’ve now conquered. Join me as I travel through different outfits, showcasing how I shop for and style in a way that’s body positive and not constricting!


*A lot of these items were not purchased recently, but I’ve provided links below each image with similar options!

Headband / Jean Jacket / Romper / Sneakers

I got really lucky with this find a few years ago at a Goodwill in my hometown. The romper itself is originally from Express, so the quality was great and I knew I would get a lot of wear out of the item. I am naturally pear-shaped, so it was important to me that the shorts fit loosely over my bum. Paired with a bulky jean jacket that evens out my shape, this outfit is perfect for the in between Summer and Fall days!


Cardigan / Romper / Wedges

Even the optimist in me never thought I would find a romper that extended past my knees! The trick here was switching up the style by turning a full-length pant into a capri. When shopping, I found a romper with legs that were meant to hug at the ankles. I scrunched the bottom of the pant leg to a capri length, and found a tall girl hack that didn’t cramp my style. Paired with wedges and a cozy sweater, this outfit gives me the look AND comfort I’m always craving.


Bralette / Romper / Heels

This last romper was found on one of those trips to Target where you go for 2 items and leave with a new wardrobe. Oops! There was zero regret with this find however, because I wear it all the time! My secret to making this romper work with my long torso was simple, I just bought one a few sizes larger. With its intended loose fit, the style was not compromised and I was able to fit comfortably and feel great about my body.



It is so important that my outfits showcase my individuality rather than diminish it. I hope to encourage you to look at your distinctive features as something to capitalize on, not as a limit. If you love a certain style, color, trend or anything else, take the time to find a way it works for you! At the end of the day it’s your body, so decorate as you desire! 😉



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