Mind’s Mine | Poem

unnamed.jpgBerlin, Germany | May 27, 2017

Lids spread to morning whispers
Through a crisp winter breeze
A new day beginning
We rise up with ease

We stand, we wander
We work through our plans
But sometimes I wonder
How any can stand

The immensity of a moment
A segment of time
Wearing thick blinders
Focused only on rhymes

We ignore, we ponder
We glide forward the same
Until met by an instant
Of irrevocable pain

The loss of a friend
A heart torn apart
Bound without escape
No easy depart

We cry, we wail
We beg for an end
Our mind runs unconscious
With no way to send

Our heart to next morning
A message to wake
Up from this found nightmare
We wish was mistake

We breathe, we listen
We hear morning’s call
There is no turning
Back mind’s common gall

To wake with new hope
One demeaning our pain
Stepping into a future
Where it’s oddly the same

Are we finding new bliss
Or denying mind’s voice?
Either all pain is fleeting
Or we don’t have a choice.x

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